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Never bought in bulk before? It’s a great opportunity to save on $/lb and be able to get our product! Our butcher will walk you through cutting instructions but we’ve also been compiling questions and information over time so click the FAQ button below for a whole bunch of great information. It’s a lengthy document because we cover beef, pork and lamb.

Bulk FAQ
We also have specialty meat packages – click here to visit the bundles page. 

2017 Butchering Dates

To place a deposit and reserve your spot, visit our store! Ensure your freezer will be full of health-promoting meat by reserving your animal today. Pork is always running out in our inventory and beef has always completely sold out well before the butcher dates so don’t wait too long!


Wholes and Halves available

Next butcher dates:

  • December
  • January 2017
  • March 2017


Wholes only

  • early spring 2017


Wholes and Halves available

  • Nov 6th

Bulk Questions and Order Request

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