Together Farms Freezer Meals

bagged_freezer_meals_frozenBusy? Love having a backup plan in the freezer for days you forget, know you’ll be home late or tired? Maybe you are just sick of doing dishes, grocery shopping, and deciding what to make every day, over and over and over again?! Or, maybe you want to give someone the best present ever? Great news! I’ve compiled hundreds of recipes for Farm to Plate Freezer Meals and, almost all dietary restrictions can easily be met (gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, Whole 30, WAPF). No “can of mushroom soup” or middle-of-the-store food-like products in these meals. Full of meat and loaded with veggies! Each Farm to Plate Freezer Meal averages at least 6 servings and is between 1-3.5 lbs. of meat – averaging 2 lbs!! 

I have taken all the work out of making meals for you with our already made Farm to Plate Freezer Meals!! Order your pre-made, ready to use Freezer Meals  here.  Simply pull the bag out of the freezer, pour the ingredients into your slow cooker and walk away util it is time to eat. It doesn’t get much easier than that! Best of all, you can feel good about what you are eating and feeding your loved ones. They also make a great gift! 

Freezer Meal Workshops

Prefer to make your own freezer meals? No problem we offer Meal Workshops randomly on the farm. Visit our Upcoming Events page to see our scheduled upcoming workshops.

We also offer Private Freezer Meal Workshops for you and your friends/family. Please contact us using the Freezer Party Inquire form on the right for more information on Private Workshops. 


Want to skip the workshops and just make freezer meals at home on your own? No problem! Grab one of our convenient eCookbooks that will teach you how to quickly prepare healthy delicious meals. Yes! Stress0free and guilt-free supper is possible! Combine our eCookbook with a Together Farms Meat Membership Card and you’ll save even more money and time!


This witty and friendly ebook will teach you how to quickly prepare healthy and delicious meals. Yes! Stress-free and guilt-free supper IS possible! Combine with Together Farm’s meat bundle designed specifically for this eCookbook and you’ll save even more $$ and time!

Private Home Parties

We love doing private freezer parties! Complete the form to inquire.

For best results in completing this form, do not use the tab button to move between fields.

Freezer Party Inquiry

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