Want To Save Money?

Consider a Together Farms Meat Membership Card

Because you’ll enjoy your meat and feel great about:

  • You will save between 10 & 15% on your retail purchases from Together Farms
  • Supporting a small, family farm
  • Helping sustainable, local agriculture grow
  • Keeping money in your own community
  • Reducing the use of fossil fuels (no New Zealand lamb here!)
  • Preserving heritage breeds of livestock
  • Giving farm animals a humane life
  • Eating meat that is good for you!
  • Saving money and having a plan!

How to get started:

Step 1. Order Your Card

  • We offer a $200 card or a $500 card.
    • You will receive 10% OFF with the $200 card – meaning you would only pay $180 for the card
    • You will receive 15% OFF with the $500 card – meaning you would only pay $425 for the card
  • I will keep your card on file (or you can keep it – be a bona fide “card carrying member”!).

Step 2. Use it!

  • Buy as many of your favorite cuts as you’d like as often as you’d like and always get them on sale!
  • Note that this discount does not apply to already discounted products, such as bundles, wholes/halves, etc.

Step 3. Receive 10% or 15% off the retail price of your order!

  • When placing your order online simply put in the comments box that you are wanting to use your Meat Membership Card. We will track the card balance for you. 


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