Our Animals

Woodland Pork

Surrounded by acorn and hazelnut trees amongst elderberries, grasses, and apple trees, our large black boars and Tamworth sows have never seen the inside of a gestation crate. Their piglets are called “Black & Tam’s”!

Did you know? Increasing your Vitamin D intake could be as easy as buying Together Farms pork! Since our pigs spend their days basking in the sunlight and eating freshly-grown plants, they potentially have up to 5 times the amount of Vitamin D when compared to conventionally raised pork! Now that’s something to cure your SAD! Learn more about this in our blog post!


Grassfed Beef

Cattle at Together Farms share some of their pastures with the four horses and flock of sheep in residence.  We have British White Park (pictured to the right).

Grassfed Lamb

Like all of our other farm residents, these lambs feast on grasses around our various pastures until their hearts are content! Our lambs are Tunis lambs – Slow Food Ark of Taste breeds.https://www.slowfoodusa.org/ark-of-taste-in-the-usa

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