Meet the Farmers

Andy Schneider


The force in the background. Andy is a (spectacular) carpenter by trade, a hard-working farmer and a devoted husband and father of two little girls.  His main job description is to listen to the VP’s crazy new ideas and finish yesterday’s ideas, all while she distracts him from what he really wants to be doing.  Really, he’s the calm and steady force on the farm.   He works too hard, but the VP keeps promising that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and we’re almost there; he continues to believe her….

Stephanie Schneider


I am in the foreground of the farm – smiling and hopeful. Feelings of overwhelming blessedness that we get to do what we are doing flood me at all the right times.  I want to share all we are doing and growing with all of you.

I’m typically the one you’ll see at your drops or manning the farm booth.  Also, the one you hear; I am the “I” you might read about here and there and am also the one to typically answer emails, the phone and post updates to our online presence.

Mother to two beautiful and very different little girls; who are not yet fully convinced this farm thing was a good idea. I have a day job, an undergrad degree in Natural Resources, a master’s degree in Environmental Science & Policy and not enough time to make soap, garden, can, cook, laundry (ugh), and keep up with the aforementioned mentioned online presence.


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