Volunteer, Intern & Apprenticing Opps

Interested in Volunteering: Send us an email or call 715-926-5009 to let us know when and what you are interested in doing and/or learning.

Interested in an Internship: Email us with the type of experience you have, the type of work you are wanting to particpate in, a description of yourself and a few references.  Opportunities include: animal husbandry, land care, sales and farmers markets, grant writing, etc. A list of ideas and projects can be emailed to you.

Interested in an Apprenticeship: Apprentices will be immersed in all aspects of the farm and will be expected to commit at least 8 months on the farm.  We will expect you to work with us prior to your arrival to arrange your own farm enterprise.  We want you to essentially be running your own farm while you are with us so that you can be successful and have a good understanding of all the work, time and money involved when you leave.  We will provide separate housing and board.

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