From Our Pastures To You


100% Grassfed Beef & Lamb. Pastured Pork & Poultry


√ Nutrient Dense     √ No Hormones or Antibiotics     √ GMO Free

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From Our Pastures To You

100% Grassfed Beef and Lamb
Pastured Pork and Chicken


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Freezer Meal Workshops

Busy? Love having a backup plan in the freezer for days you forget, know you’ll be home late or tired? Maybe you are just sick of doing dishes, grocery shopping, and deciding what to make every day, over and over and over again?! Sign up for a Freezer Meal workshop!

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Food Route

Whether you live in the Twin Cities or Eau Claire, there’s nothing as easy as ordering your food online and then having it delivered to a location convenient for you. With FarmMatch you can do just that. Place your Together Farms order for meat, soap, salves and more at the FarmMatch website and then pick up at the day and time for your location. Click the Shop! button for more information.

Farm Store

There’s something special about visiting the farm where your meat is raised. At Together Farms near Mondovi, WI, you will see hills of beautiful green grass and the healthy and happy animals up close and personal. Not only do we have a huge freezer stocked with all of our wonderful meat products, you can also pick up some of the speciality items we carry from our friends. Click the button for more information on how to contact us to make sure we’re here when you stop in!


We have a variety of retail stores who carry our products in a number of different locations. We appreciate that they have chosen to purchase from a small local company and we’d like to pay it forward by asking you to shop at their stores. If you have a retail store – either food – personal care – or both (we also have a doggy soap!) – and you are interested in carrying our products, we would love to talk to you!

Best pork ever….wish we had more!” – Harmony Valley Farm, Viroqua, WI

Can I just say I am dying for your meat… I brought a bunch with me and have gone thru most of it, and have been eating the “grass feed” meat you can get in the store but it SUCKS in comparison to yours!  I love you guys and think your meat is hands down the best!!! – Laura H.

How we Farm

Permaculture. Sustainability. Restoring land and soil health through agriculture. These are the pillars of Together Farms philosophy. We’re all on this earth together. See more…..

The Farmers

Andy and Stephanie Schneider started Together Farms in 2008. In looking at what they’ve created you would have thought they lived and breathed farming all of their lives. In reality, if you have a vision, drive and a whole lot of patience, you can create your dream. See more….

Custom Woodworking

Andy Schneider has over 18 years of experience in custom home building and remodeling. Andy also specializes in unique custom pieces and outdoor structures. To learn more about Andy’s experience as a quality craftsman, click here…

Good Fat Skin Care

Sustainably produced, nutrient dense, locally sourced fats to feed your skin

All our soaps and lip balm are created in small batches by hand using the best source of lard available:

We raise it ourselves!

Our animals are raised humanely and in a perennially based system (and in the sun!)

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Food Route Updates

Work on the Farm!

Wanna save $$ on a gym membership, feel a sense of accomplishment, make some animals really happy, probably get some FREE MEAT, a free meal or two and maybe even the most refreshing beer you’ve ever had??  Heck yeah!!!  Then come help us put fence up, clear fence lines and cut and stack wood.  🙂  No, seriously… Read more

Woodland PORK

Pastured POULTRY

100% Grassfed BEEF

100% Grassfed LAMB

Good Fats Skin Care

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